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    Hey everyone -
    Well I'm new to the forums...obviously
    I recently found my PSP while cleaning the house so I thought why not give it a go modding it and actually using it again.
    Hopefully I can manage it...haven't touched my PSP in a long while so I'm a little rusty.
    The only ever modification was on GTA:LCS and that was so long ago I can't even remember what it was called >_>

    Anyways...glad to be here.

    See ya guys around =)
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    welcome to the site, where did u find ur PSP, under the sofa LOL

    the PSP world has changed a lot since u were here last
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    yes it has and welcome
    Left4Quake donation complete!

    Left 4 Dead on PSP!
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    Thanks for the welcome guys
    I've noticed :P I've had to buy myself a pandora battery. Can't wait to hack my PSP.
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