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    Just joined and i like it here. i hope that not only will i get my questions answered, but that i may be of some assistance to others as well. i started on this site by looking for info on moding my psp 2001. so far i have found a veritable fountain of info. just trying to sift through it for my particular psp. thanks in advance for any and all help i receive throughout my hopefully very long stay as a member here.
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    Welcome to PSPMOD.Hopefully since you said you've been searching you seen some of the rules in play.Just to help you even further you have really only one possibility(If your info is correct and you have 5.55)on modding your 2001(Pandora's Battery) and even then if you have a TA-088V3 MotherBoard your screwed.

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    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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    If you're in Waupaca, WI then I can drive over and flash it for you. Donate some $ for gas money and I can do it this weekend. Waupaca is about a 2 hour drive for me and I've got nothing to do this weekend.

    I'd just like to be sure that your PSP is hackable first.

    When did you buy your PSP?

    Do you remember what firmware was on it when you bought it?

    Did the box have a solid cardboard front flap or did it have a clear plastic window that you could see the actual PSP through?
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