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    hi i have gone through the forums to read the solution for the THE GAME COULD NOT BE STARTED 80020148 and there is also solutions which where there but none worked my version is 3.71 m33 hacked went to con fig and advance and disabled all but none work anybody had success pls help me
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    while on the XMB, press the select button then look for ISO MODE. if you could kindly switch it to M33 mode -no umd- then you should be just fine. but if youre playing games that need 5.55 and above firmwares, i vouch you update to 5.00m33-6.
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    update the firmware, that should fix it

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    It's one or more of these:

    1. you are playing an undecrypted game
    2. your CFW is too low (upgrade it)
    3. you didn't enable M33 Driver or Sony NP9660
    4. corrupt-ish game data

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