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  1. #1 Hey I'm ThEz0nE :) 
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    Hey! Im ThEz0nE.

    I have hacked a few consoles such as: PSP, DS, Wii, My Own PC and around 10 of my mates PSP's

    A few more things about me:

    Name: Darren Poulden
    Nicknames: DaZ/Dazza
    Age: 13
    Sex: Male
    Location: Adelaide, Australia
    Interests: Hacking, Computers, Gaming, Cycling and Soccer (Football for you pommys!)
    Music: BassHunter FTW!! Hes my favorite DJ ever. But I also like Armin Van Buuren, Kay Cee, Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyk
    TV/Shows: The Simpsons (Y) 2 And a Half Men, Sometimes dont mind watching Australian Idol (A bit like X factor.)
    Books: Any Horror books basically, I like Darren Shans books but I dont read much.
    Youtube account: MiracleStudios

    Also... I moved from the UK and arrived in Australia on the 25th July 2009.

    Hope Im welcome here.

    See you around
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    Welcome, hope we can help you out here (sorry welcome is so vague, need to take browns to the super bowl)!
    Made Switchable Pandora
    Piano Black slim with Undead Decal
    Firmware Piano Black 3.82>3.71M33>4.01M33-2>5.00M33-6>5.50GEN-B2 ~
    Red GoW addition 3.71>3.72m33-2>5.00m33-6 ~
    Grey 4.01>5.00m33-6

    UV Trigger and door LED's

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    Welcome, put up your feet and relax, you are now home
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    Welcome to the Dark Side: here are your cookies.
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    Woot! Cyber cookies! How did you know theyre my favorite?

    And thanks for the warm welcome guys, I really like this site.
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