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    Hi all!
    I just bought a PSP 2001 Daxter Edition that comes with 3 Games and a Movie, in brand new condition (it was used for less than an hour most!!). It should be here by next week so I wait in vain lol.

    Anyway, I am not new to modding / customising gaming consoles but I have never experimented with a PSP so I am excited! I just love experimenting with electronic gadgets haha.
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    ok then, what's your point? want to learn modding your own psp? try our guides here in our forum,

    happy modding

    edit: experimenting is not a joke, you will brick your psp mess something.,try the guides of the forum, and use it at your own risk.
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    O noes, 1k is better
    Project Pspfree, need team members who can code =)
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    I prefer the 2k
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