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    Well, I ain't new, and I'm not old, but I haven't posted here before.

    So hello, I'm Champio30, AKA Claus (might change name later), and I've been hacking my PSP since 2007.

    When I first got my PSP, I thought it was very wicked, and started playing GTA: LCS and going on the internet. Been doing that for 6 months straight. On June (yes, I remember the month), I wanted to get YouTube on my PSP. That's when PSPTube popped up. And that's when CFW and the world of hacking came up. I didn't understand at first what was going on, been trying PSPTube on OFW 3.90, until I came up with Pandora Batteries and Magic Memory Stick. I thought it was a risky move, so I said "fuck it". Couple weeks later, my friend got M3 (Some hardware shit which allows DS to play homebrew and such), and wanted my PSP to have homebrew also. So, I decided to take the risk. I constantly looked at guides, and was ready. I got a pin, a knife from my kitchen, ran downstairs and started hacking away.

    Several minutes, I've been cutting the sides to open the battery. Sweating like a fat man doing jumping jacks, I finally got it open, quickly used the Pin to remove #5, taped it down, and went straight to creating an MMS. The MMS was pretty easy :] It was the time Rain's MMS was a new software, and that was what I used.

    I finally assembled everything, did the instructions right, put the MMS before the battery (or vice versa), turned it on and waited for a homebrew experience of my life.

    Stared at a Semi Brick.

    Didn't know what to do, I constantly looked at tutorials and edited the files on my MS. One thread said I had to use XP (I'm on vista), so I went as far as to get an XP ISO and Virtual PC and tried. Still UNSUCCESSFUL. I tried taking out the whole 5th pin and 4th, still no luck. I really fucked up my battery. I even bought a Pandora battery online (thread here: don't pay mind to the mods making fun of me ;___, but it died couple days later.

    Anyways, one day somehow it unbricked, the day when 5.03 ChickHEN and 5.03 GEN was famous. I was at 4.05, so I just updated and struggled with ChickHEN and GEN. Then, I found 5.50GEN so I just updated and, well, here I am.

    Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to make it short, but I got caught up in the moment.

    Other: I can also code C++, and I really love the CFW scene
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    hmm well welcome! If you are serious about c++ then congrats. Theres not many these days....
    Left4Quake donation complete!

    Left 4 Dead on PSP!
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    Yeah the PSP Homebrew world is kind of dying.
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