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    Hey guys, how's it going? I'm all new to this psp hacking stuff and I've been looking for ways to hack my psp (easiest ways of course) and not having it bricked, but I'll tell you, it's not easy as I thought, hope those of you who are having the same problem make it through with no problems in the end.
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    Hey there welcome to the site I think you'll find alot of helpful people here. Don't post about downloading and playing iso's, that is considered piracy and is frowned on.

    In response to your question the first step is to figure out if your psp is hackable or not. What model is it? What is the serial number on the bottom? If it is one of the limited edition ones that helps too as long as it's not the madden one.

    I can't post a link for you yet (site permission not yet granted) but if you perform a search you should find all the answers you need to get started!
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    welcome.., the rules..,enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome to PSPMod please follow and read the rules
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