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    New member to the forums, obviously. PSP-2000 here. I understand I'm limited on what I can do with it, depending on the board. Will the Pandora battery kit make a difference for me if the board is deemed unable to be CFW'd?

    Thanks for the welcomes.
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    If you have or buy a Pandora and make your MMS you'll have one of the two results.

    If it's hackable: You'll insert your MMS (Holding the left trigger if you use Rains MMS maker), then insert your Pandora. The psp will turn on by itself as soon as you insert the Pandora, then boot to the Cfw installer menu.

    If it's unhackable: You'll insert your MMS, followed by your Pandora battery. The psp will turn on, but stay at the black screen. *No harm done.*
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    I see, so if it's unhackable, then that's that.
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    well if the FW is 5.03 or lower you can still hack it whit 5.03 GEN-B/C and chickHEN(but its only a temporary hack not a full one)
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    there's only one mobo that's unhackable on 2k's, out of 6. the chances are small, especially if it's a colored psp. the older it is, the less chance it's unhackable. you can find out more specifically here

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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