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    This thread might be useless, but anyway...

    To the New Members Here:

    You can subscribe to PSPMod RSS. With it you'll be notify whenever a new thread is created here. It's kind of like Newspaper being delivered to you. To be able to subscribed to an RSS Feed, you'll need an RSS Reader, a good one would be: Google Reader. There are other RSS Reader, but I think Google Reader is the best one in my opinion.

    Here's a step by step on how to subscribe to an RSS feed:

    Sign up for an RSS Reader. If you already have a Gmail or Google Account, then you already have access to Google Reader. Click Here and sign up for a Google Account if you don't have one.

    Right click and/or copy this PSPMod RSS Link:

    Log into Google Reader
    --- Where it says "Add a Subscription" Click on it
    --- Paste the RSS Link into it
    --- Click "Add"

    You're done.

    Learn More about RSS and see why it's becoming very popular:
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    Just click New Posts...
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    Quote Originally Posted by leeV18 View Post
    Here's a step by step on how to check for new posts.:

    Click the "New Posts"tab.

    Look at the handy list that sorts unread posts in descending chronological order.

    You're done.

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    Indeed, an RSS feed for a pretty quiet, non-news forum is pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowman View Post

    Is that how you do it? I've been doing that for ages. I'm ahead of the times
    Hacking Basics, And how to do it. Click here.

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