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    How's it going?

    Little about me. 31 yo Male, trapped out in Western Hell, NE. No that's not a town name, not it's not the North East, it's NEbraska. Round about in the center of the US.

    I have more free time than is right or healthy, but work and school are pretty cake, and I can't keep the kids up until all hours, so I indulge in a lot of hobby time.

    Couple weeks ago it was doing some kind of LED project with timers and switches and the like, last week I started into Smart Home stuff with Linux.

    Now completely by accident, I got a new hobby.

    The lady who sometimes watches my kids, asked if I wanted this "broken game thing". My kids hadn't been there in a while and so I was pretty sure she wasn't going to be asking me for repair costs. Plus I get all sorts of abused/broken electronic shit just because I'm "good at computers." I only wish it worked that way with cars.

    So I said, what the hell why not.

    This broken game thing turned out to be a PSP. The metal rods that keep the door on had been pretty mangled, the screen looks like it had been used to cut a couple lines of coke, the dog had chewed on the battery door, so that was held on by tape.

    I'm assuming it belonged to her daughter because it's some metallic purple. Google tells me it's Lilac and was probably part of a Hannah Montana set (?). Further research here and google tells me (and there's a lot of info to sift through) that this may be an unhackable PSP.

    Much to my shock the damn thing turns on. The controls seem to function. USB port appears to work when I plug it into the PC and the charger end hasn't been snapped off and that seems to charge it as well.

    I did manage to get the mangled drive rails (for lack of proper nomenclature) straightened out and holding the rear door closed. But a weak binder clamp (think office folders) helps that along w/out getting in the way.

    So that's the story of how I got here.

    I know my brother did some modding with the first PSP way back when, but I was into different things so I didn't catch on sooner.

    But now that I've stumbled on one for free, eh, why not give things a shot.
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    cool welcome
    ¤_¤ bleh ¤_¤
    myotinic goats are funny
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    right on. if you don't mind waiting, i'm sure they're close to cracking that model soon, if not, find someone to trade with for a phat (100X series) model so you can jump in and see what kooky things you can do with your psp and your PSP
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    you picked one hell of a name. welcome though.

    "I don't have an anger problem, I have a problem with idiots." - Hank Hill

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    welcome to the forums
    Refresh for more Sigs

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    After looking around I've been entertaining ideas of sourcing an older mod capable unit.

    Two questions

    1) What's a fair going rate for an older system and what would I want to avoid?
    2) Are these capable of being run as mini Linux systems? I was thinking of the possible capabilities of using it as a home automation remote/monitor. Granted you can do this with iPhone/iPod (jailbroken of course), but I wanted to be different.

    Yes I did.

    And no, I'm not a sensible guy in comfortable shoes. *laughs*
    I figured it mirrored original intent of wanting to see if I can break into this purple monstrosity.

    And if that happens to not be the case, I'll see about ordering a new battery door, trying to polish out the scratches and giving it to the girls to play with.
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    Welcome... i guess.
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