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    Hello! My name is Teena and I have just signed on to this site for the first time. I have a psp obviously and i appriciate the help i have already gotten so far! Thank you everyone and I hope to chat and help out in the future! Have a nice day/night!

    Bye 4 Now
    Teena aka FinalFantasyTG

    !For The Love of Video Games And Gamers Alike!
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    我的天! nice to meet you and welcome! heihei~~! i know exactly what you mean i just signed up earlier and the people in the forums have been veryyyyyyyyy helpful! im updated to gen-c now.. and well 5 hours ago i wouldnt have known what the hell that means lol..

    anyways nice to meet you
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    Welcome read rules and enjoy!

    ▲ ▲

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