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    Hi guys, NexusNemesis here

    NexusNemesis / SoulBroken is my usual nicks... so if ppl ever saw those 2 names, it might have been me ive used them for around a decade, in tons of different forums and games...

    im 2x years "old", living in Denmark, danish origin. I speak danish, english and german, i understand norwegian, swedish and a bit dutch.....

    bought my psp slim a few years ago, cracked it right away and it didnt take long before i got my hands on some bigger memory cards, since the 512kb was ridicoulus.... so 4 and 8gb memory sticks were my choice of course

    didnt take long before i grew very fond of darkalex' m33 releases..... and hated to see him go..... unfortunately, the lack of new releases for the m33 firmware left my psp crippled and outdated, so earlier today i asked for help on this forum on how to get back the OFW so i could make full use of the psn/ps store and such, without having the trouble of going through the newer Gen CFWs.... (not saying anything bad about them, i just couldnt be bothered putting my mind into it.... so, easy way -> OFW)

    thanks to Jubbabubba for helping me out with it edit -> and to Goku for the great guides

    in any case, HI EVERYBODY (hi doctor nicky!-ahem erhh uhh...yea...)

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