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    What's up guys I'm here kickin' in the colorado. Little known fact I used this forum to hack my psp maybe a year or so ago...but now since I know what I'm doing I'd figure ill help out.
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    WTF is 5.50M33-GEN_OA-E?
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    So i guess this is a welcome back post. Colorado Spring eh. Once i get done here in Iraq and then finish another year and a half in Germany, I hope to get stationed there. My wife use to live in C.S and she loved it. Maybe I'll see ya around one of these days.
    I am curious about your CFW as well. What are the details on that version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GEM91679 View Post
    Colorado Spring eh.

    your avatar. it creeps me out

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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