Thread: any news about a chicken hen version for the 5.51 firmware?

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  1. #1 any news about a chicken hen version for the 5.51 firmware? 
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    I am new here and my question might not be accurate. does anyone know if there is a chicken hen for a 5.51 firmware or maybe when will it be available?

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    what psp type do you have, it you say 3k, you're asking for the thread to be locked right away, lol...just a fair warning for you.

    if it's an unhackable 2k, you're most likely SOL and if it's hackable, get a pandora cause i seriously doubt that's going to happen over 5.03.

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    Answer: no.

    Reason: I can't predict the future. If I could, I wouldn't be working at the job I'm at for just enough pay to live on.

    Wait like everyone else. You'll hear about it when it happens.


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    Summed up by Slowman quite adequately.

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