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    Hey whats up been looking around on your site for a while and I've gotten some really useful information!
    I can tell you have come a long way congrats.

    I have two quick questions.
    I just bought a PSP 1001 from a friend and I was wondering if I could put Firmware on it with out a "Pandora Battery".

    Also I am getting a regular pro duo 8GB memory stick for it I was wondering if it was possible to use that or make it a MMS.

    the PSP I have (the 1001) has 5.00 on it so need to update that blah blah blah ya xD
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    You can softmod it in only 2 conditions:

    You already have a hacked 1k or 1st gen 2k, or your FW is at or below 5.03.

    4gb or less for the MMSs. 1gb Sandisks work the best IMHO, because they are cheap and easy to find. Makes things easier though

    For future refrence, use the edit button.

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    Welcome bru.
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