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    I'm getting a PSP2000 on Thursday and I just wanted to introduce myself. I got the PSP for the games, but the thing I like about the PSP is that you can do so much more on it, such as play music videos, and other great things with Custom Firmware. I'll probably be coming to this site a lot, maybe not (Depends on how busy I am), but I really like the things you can do on Custom Firmware, and I'm probably just at the tip of the iceberg. I know next to nothing about modding, but I am willing to learn about how to install/mod a PSP myself (I keep hearing something about Pandora :c). Anyway, just saying hi, and hope to see you around
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    hey buddy. enjoy your stay
    Hi, I'm Lea, formerly known as zackfair_13, nice to meet you
    i am not be held liable for anything that i may say if you become an asshole
    proud member of the site's resistance retribution PMD clan, and one of the three OG's
    psn = leablahblahblah
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    welcome and please read the rules, no piracy talk,and youll be alright.... and this is a great site to find help since your a noob in modding, but you say your getting a 2000, look on here there is a guide of hackable psp's, read it so you know which 2000 to buy cause not all 2000's are hackable...heres the link...
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    welcome to the site guy enjoy your stay
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    Thanks everyone.

    I read the rules and I know not to ask dumb questions (Unless its to google) since you guys hate it and to keep it clean
    I'm buying it second hand so it has custom firmware 5.50 Gen-B.
    Like I said, I think I'll find the homebrew applications more appealing than the games. The PSP is so powerful & versatile I feel like it's a waste if you just play games on it.

    I want to really appreciate the hardware, not just use it to play games once a month and then go do something else. This site will allow me to do that
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    if u get any disrespect from the user xavis, be sure to report him and pm the moderators and admin.
    I'm a fag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carp View Post
    if u get any disrespect from the user xavis, be sure to report him and pm the moderators and admin.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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