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    [url= " p90x] present, China issued 400,000 per year of new patients with gastric cancer, accounting for 42% of incidence of the world; Chinese colorectal cancer incidence rates have risen to the third world, new discoveries of various colon cancer cases each year 13 million people; China has liver cancer incidence rate is still rising each year more than 350,000 new cases, accounting for half of the world, of which about [url= " p90x workout]deaths.With economic development and changing lifestyles, more and more people to offer a gluttonous appetite up way to reward themselves and their friends and relatives of the stomach, but ignored the eating habits of the importance of digestive health.
    [url= " p90x fitness] to the contain substances can lead to cancer --- nitrosamines, and the high concentration of salt will seriously damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, so people used to eat pickled food, susceptible to gastrointestinal inflammation and ulcers, which is lead to gastrointestinal cancer risk factors occur; processed meat products (ham, etc.) contain carcinogenic nitrite, add preservatives, add color agent and color retention agents has increased over the human body burden of the liver. "This is a recent Sanofi - Aventis support gastrointestinal cancer prevention activities, the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Professor Zhang Guangchao the Secretary-General stressed.

    [url= " p90x ebay]Cancer Hospital Professor Cai Sanjun that the freshness of food is an important factor in protection of gastrointestinal health.To solve the digestive tract to China growing burden caused by a common realization depends on the standardization of patient treatment, [url= " p90x dvds] the second bit from the table on the habits, and build the first line of defense against gastrointestinal cancer Forty per cent of cancer is preventable. As everyone knows, it is this lifestyle, so take advantage of gastrointestinal cancer.Many young people off to the supermarket to purchase large quantities Processing Easy storage of food, filled the refrigerator, and then several days staying at home. China is in the digestive tract cancer incidence in the hardest[url= " p90x on sale].
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    WTF????..take that shit somewhere else
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