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    My names Johan and I live in USA, 15 and still going. It's kinda boring everyday with my DS and GBA SP. Then, one fateful day, my dsesires perked up, giving me a new objective. THis kid was playing this oval shaped console. I had seen it before but never gave care (that was when DS's were the hot stuff). And so, thats how I just got interested in to Sony PSP about 2-3 weeks ago.
    I've been endlessly scanning the internet for information about PSP's. Very complicated system1000,2000,3000 I compared it by searching the pros and cons. My am an active person, I move here and there, so I need entertainment while moving and/or doing nothing when away from home. The PSP 2000 doesn't have godend LCD powers like the 3k, but it uses less power for the LCD. It's a bit smaller, perfect for someone like me. I also found out that lower firmwares are much better as someone claimed "it gives your PSP more freedom, not all that ****ty secruity benefiting Sony. I really want to get a PSP 2000, but the prices are higher than 3000's for the new ones O.O. The cheap used PSP 2000's have the latest firmware: 6.30. That is alot of secruity updates compared to 1.50, 2.30, etc. Does anyone know a way to get a used PSP 2000 with low firmware and good quality safetly? I live in USA XD. Thanks for reading
    Plus: A lower firmware can be hacked XD
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    Its not all complicated, but here's your options.

    All 1000's are hackable. If they are under or n 5.03 you can use ChickHEN to hack it, or you'll need a Pandora and Magic memory sitck to hack it (which are cheap or can be made).

    Not all 2000's are hackable, so you're taking a chance.

    No 3000's are fully hackable.

    However, if a 2000 (Unhackable) or 3000 is on 5.03 firmware or lower then you can half hack it using ChickHEN, it just means you can't fully turn off the console without having to hack it again.

    I would say the best option is a 1000.

    Hope this helps
    Hacking Basics, And how to do it. Click here.

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    welcome to the site enjoy
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    welcome bro, happy modding
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