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    Hi, I'm new on the forum here and I need some help. I'm currently running 5.00 m33-6 on my PSP 1001, and was able to run a PlayStation 1 game by the name "Sled Storm", now the only problem with it is that the game tends to lag quite a bit and the music that it's supposed to be playing in the background doesn't play. So I found a website that lists the compatibility of running PSX games on the PSP, and it says that "Sled Storm" only works well on custom firmware version 3.51. I played this game on my PlayStation 1 "back in the day" and I wonder is there any way it can run well on the PSP, without me having to downgrade the firmware. In addition I played other PSX games on the PSP, such as Tomb Raider, and Crash Bandicoot 3, and they work just as they had on the PS1, (flawlessly). So it's only "Sled Storm" which used to be my favorite PS1 game, that's giving me trouble. Does anyone know a way to fix this, I would be really thankful.
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    Look for a guide on here on how to use POPSloader and use 3.51 POPS.

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    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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