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    i found an article about an exploit on ver 5.50 but i'm not sure if its gonna work for my psp 3k. can anyone pls take a look and see if its legit... thanks in advanced guys! i cant post the link so type and add
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    it 404'd.

    anyways, only thing you can currently do on that 3k is the HBL exploit. it runs homebrew.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    oh alright... hehehe! im currently using HBL and I used your guide for it. I have a genesis, snes and gba working on it so I have a lot of games to play if ever there's an exploit being worked on for a psp 3k with versions higher than 5.03. thanks anyway!
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    srsly, don't hold your breath
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