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    i'm still new in psp. need some friend that can guide me. tqvm
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    Welcome, read the forum rules and have a pleasant stay.
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    Welcome!Read rules and enjoy your stay

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    welcome to the site what do you need help with?
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    dank - let me guess, he has ofw 4.01 so he needs to determine whether its a ta-088v3 or not. then he can proceed to install either full or tethered custom firmware (either 5.00m33-5/m33-6 Prometheus-2/5.50 Prometheus or 5.03 GEN-C)

    OP - leave the OFW at 4.01 as is, for the time being - don't update using the offiical Sony system software updates. look in the battery compartment and note down the date code and the serial number. also, i think some motherboards have the model number printed on its circuitry - you don't have to take apart your psp, but see if there is a little 'crack' in the opened umd drive tray thru which you can peek thru.

    after you determine which m/b it is, you will then update to OFW (official firmware = sony's system software) to 5.03, then employ chickHEN. critical that you don't go past OFW 5.03.

    the caution is at this point after getting chickHEN to run on your slim, depending on what m/b the psp has, you have 2 options - if your slim is not a ta-088v3 then its fully hackable (5.00m33-6 or 5.50 GEN-D3 streams), but if it is a ta-088v3 then its tethered custom firmware (5.03 GEN-C). you don't want mix it up and attempt to install full CFW onto a ta-088v3...

    goku's guide is great - its a link at the bottom signature of his posts. read thru first, before doing anything...


    EDIT1: i have assumed above its a slim (rather than a brite). if it is a brite psp-300x then you run tethered CFW. it's all starts from identifying more precisely what model your slim is...
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