Thread: Novice but willing to learn, need helpful expert. hehe

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    Hi I am novice in PSP, just want to learn new things here and find new friends.
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    What specificly are you trying to learn?
    Me and El Guapo the hardware master's around here.
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    Check out the guides all over the site, theres alot of very good information on here for many different things, not just the PSP, just follow the rules and dont piss everyone off and you will learn ...and welcome
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    What PSP/Firmware do you have? You'd better start with software mods (custom firmware, emulators, .iso/.cso games). Then, if your adventurous you can proceed to hardmods (LED mods, speaker mods, dual analog nub, etc). There's a link to a simple LED mod in my signature space.
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