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    How's it going everyone?

    Him here, found your community and thought I'll join. Hope everyone here can lend a hand (:

    Little bout me, hmm.. I like dance, go on Reddit, and eat ( no I am not fat D: )

    Not sure if I can ask questions here upon introducing myself. But if I could, here's a small glimpse of what will be asked. (searched around the site and googled, keeps bringing me to sites where I need to Downgrade when I need an Upgrade.) If I can't, ignore this and OMG AN AIRPLANE!

    I'm looking into modding a PSP 1001 I've purchased from a friend. Its at OFW 1.50, never touched, never updated. Not sure if MMS is needed, want to get to 5.50 GEN - D3. Pretty much, what files will be needed to mod a brand new PSP to an CFW 5.50 GEN - D3 ( I hope that;s the latest one)

    Thank you for your time
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    Welcome to the site, here is a must read guide for your enjoyment:
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