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    hello guys, thought i would join the ranks here on the forums. ive noticed during alot of extensive searching online that comes up alot during my searches.

    about me?
    im 30 years old from upstate new york. love gaming, love handheld gaming even more. ive been gaming on the psp for years. i own two psp 1001 models both running CFW 5.50 GEN D3, and a silver psp 2001 running CFW 5.50 GEN D3 also. the slim has the most extensive mods. ill be posting in a few minutes about it. hopefully being new will not inhibit me from posting pics of it. i think its pretty sweet.
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    Welcome, I think you need 5 or 10 posts to post pictures. I think this policy is STUPID but am unable to change it since I am not the site owner with full admin powers. Please don't spam posts to get there, that doesn't turn out well for folks. If you are unable to post pictures, just post a link directly to the picture and I'll edit the [img] tags into it for you so it will show.

    At any rate, welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site. Follow the rules and respect the members.
    Hope you enjoy your stay.
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