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    Hi Everybody!
    Hey I just brought my first PSP Slim used off the internet. This was my first big purchase. There was one thing however that I didn't anticipate, it's been hacked. I have 5.50 Gen D CFW on it now. What are the pros and cons to this version? Should I upgrade or downgrade? I am under 10 and all I do is gaming.
    Thanks for all suggestions
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    Upgrade to keep up with the newest games.
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    Well u would want to upgrade to 6.39 ofw and then install 6.39 ME-8, thats the latest cfw.
    follow these steps.
    download the 5.50 GEN-D installer (i'm sorry but i can't post links just google it )
    copy it to the following location ms0:/psp/game
    run the installer and choose the option to install 5.50 ofw
    then download the 6.39 ofw and copy it to ms0:/psp/update (create UPDATE if its not there)
    run the update
    download the 6.39 ME-6 ofw update and follow readme
    then get 6.39 ME-8 update and install it
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    ^^^^want an easier way, click on my guide and go to Section V and follow my bypass steps to that way...or you can even just go directly to 6.39m3 cfw by using section I and using my mms kit i made with a readme included...will take less than 5 mins that way
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