Thread: Hi im not new and want to sell my psp here :)

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  1. #1 Hi im not new and want to sell my psp here :) 
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    I've actually been a member here for sometime but when i lost my old email address I was not able to access the site.

    I beleive my old account name was NGB but cannot really remember. I did alot of deals with mods and members paticularly with 360 consoles.

    Is there anyway a mod or admin might be able to look into or verify this, just to speed up the process. I would like sell my PSP and i figured this would be an appropriate place to do it.

    Thank you!
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    I looked up your IP and "NeverGoingBack" is the only account on it. Sorry to see that you have Charter internet. I'm stuck with it too and they suck.

    The best place to sell is the Marketplace forum.

    I removed the New User limitations on your account.

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    The reason I believe there are no other names linked to my IP is becuase I have sinced moved and gotten new service.

    It has been some time since I used my old account. Before all the forum changes, and my old account has probably been long since deleted.

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    ya probably. back when killer was admin he deleted any account that wasn't used for a year at the time. yours was probably in that mix.

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