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    how many of u guys are going to upgrade?

    im upgrading bcuz b4 long there will be homebrew and emulators for the 2.0 version

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    dang... not a lot of people are on to try this update out...
    i may or maynot update... read that the browser is slower
    then the homebrew. =/ and the browser was what i was
    looking forward to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cluelessdude
    im upgrading bcuz b4 long there will be homebrew and emulators for the 2.0 version
    Well, you probably wont be able to play homebrew through the original 2.00 it'll probably need some sort of patch to allow homebrew(exploit).But with the new upgrade allows new possible attacks on the psp, a special web server could cause an exploit as well as many of the new media files to be supported.

    I Wont upgrade cuz I love my nes+snes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cluelessdude
    how many of u guys are going to upgrade?

    im upgrading bcuz b4 long there will be homebrew and emulators for the 2.0 version
    This post should be in the Software Thread.

    Please repost.

    This thread is close and will be deleted.

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    After Burner: Black Falcon

    Brooktown High

    elder scrolls travels:oblivion

    steel horizon

    Dragoneer's Aria

    Dead head fred

    Alien Syndrome

    jeanne d'Arc

    madden NFL 08

    naruto:ultmate ninja heroes

    pinball hall of fame:the willams collection

    worms:open warfare 2


    monster hunter freedom 2

    NBA 08

    pursuit force:extream justice

    silent hill:origins

    sega rally:revo

    star wars battlefront: renegade squadron

    Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

    tiger woods PGA tour o8

    4th QUARTER 2007

    castlevania: the dracula x chronicles

    final fantasy: the war of the lions

    God of War: Chains of Olympus

    the simpsons game

    SOCOM: us navy seals tactical strike

    POSSIBLE IN 2007

    crisis core:final fantasy Vll

    napoleon dynamite

    WWE smack down vs raw 2008


    God of War: Chains of Olympus is an upcoming release in the God of War video game series, designed specificially for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming system. It is expected to be released in November 2007, and will be the second project developed for the PSP by Ready at Dawn, the same team responsible for Daxter, another handheld spin-off of a console series. A Demo Disc has been announced to be released in September 2007, only for PlayStation Underground members as found on the God of War: Chains of Olympus homepage.

    At a God of War II launch event on March 13, 2007, God of War II director Cory Barlog indicated that the PSP God of War game would be a spin-off, side story, or prequel of the main God of War video game series: "It is its own story that connects to the overall story. God of War, God of War II, and then if all the stars align God of War III will be the telling of a trilogy. This PSP story will be a further fleshing out."

    The Island of Rhodes website revealed that God of War: Chains of Olympus is a prequel to the God of War series. It chronicles the various adventures of Kratos throughout the ten years he spent in servitude of the Gods (hence the game's name which implies a bond between the series' protagonist and the deities of Olympus) preceding the events of God of War.

    The official website included that in God of War: Chains of Olympus, Kratos will journey to lands that no mortal has ever walked upon. With the world plunged in eternal darkness and the Gods rendered powerless, Kratos will face the most feared creatures of Greek Mythology, and ultimately be forced to choose between his own personal redemption and saving the ancient world from certain destruction.

    The official website has stated that Kratos will journey from the Gates of Hades to the depths of Tartarus. New locations will be released over time. The game may start at a place known as Attica, where Kratos fights a fleet of soldiers.

    The trailer, which has been accessed through navigating, can be viewed on[1] , and at , for those that do not want to go through all the puzzles featured on The teaser trailer depicts Kratos in a couple of areas before a couple of fight scenes, showing a fleet of ships in the background. The Titan Gaia again commentates, hinting that the game takes place before the original God of War, showing that Chains of Olympus will be a prequel. At the end Kratos is knocked into a pit by a large reptilian creature and stabs it in the head as they fall as another creature plummets towards Kratos. New videos from the UMD preview depicts Kratos facing off against a number of soldiers and a giant Cyclops monster. The Cyclops monster is then eaten by the Basilisk. Kratos battles the head of the great beast as one of the first boss battles.

    Silent Hill: Origins is to be the fifth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series, developed and published by Konami and Climax Studios for the Sony PlayStation Portable. It is scheduled to be released in North America in November 2007. The title is a prequel, intended to explain the series's eponymous town's backstory.

    Established plot details
    The protagonist of Origins will be Travis O'Grady, a trucker who has been described by the game's producers as having a "troubled past" which the player will have to resolve during the course of the game. O'Grady is driving through Silent Hill when his truck is stopped by what appears to be an apparition of Alessa Gillespie. He follows her to a burning house, where he rescues a severely burned girl presumed to be Alessa herself. He later attempts to find the girl in a hospital, but instead is confronted by nurse monsters.

    The game will be a prequel to the first Silent Hill game, and the characters Alessa, Dahlia, Lisa Garland and Dr. Kaufmann are confirmed to appear.

    Previews for Silent Hill: Origins released in 2006 showed an altered third-person camera system inspired by the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, although the producer William Oertel took note to state "we're not going FPS." Oertel also noted on the game's theme "We recognized that Silent Hill 2 was great in going into the psychological aspects, and we really want to imbue that in Origins too.

    At this time, it was estimated that a third of the game would be spent in familiar locations, with two thirds in new locations, such as an asylum and butcher's store. There was also a plan to introduce a "barricade" feature that would allow the player to block off areas with nearby objects.

    Revised Gameplay Previews
    As of April 24th, the development of Silent Hill Origins has undergone drastic changes. For example, the game will no longer incorporate the over-the-shoulder pistol-aiming views inspired by Resident Evil 4 but will retain the fixed camera positions seen in the previous entries in the series. The barricade system, a limited item inventory like the one used in Silent Hill 4: The Room and a planned weapon laser sight that was in earlier previewed versions of the game have also been dropped. The gameplay returns to a mixture of obscure puzzles and melee fighting, with the return of the basic radio and flashlight items present in the first three games Melee weapons appear to be temperamental and will break after long periods of usage, although Travis can use hand-to-hand combat against monsters, demonstrates comparatively strong aptitude with firearms and has the ability to "charge" an attack (first introduced in Silent Hill 4). The game's visuals have also been improved with greater detail in both the foggy world and the nightmarish universe and a very realistic use of light and darkness.

    The game is estimated to be around 8-12 hours long

    Production history
    Prior to the theatrical release of the movie adaptation based on the first installment of the series, an interview with Christophe Gans in Fangoria magazine revealed that Team Silent was apparently planning to remake the first Silent Hill release "for the near future" on the PlayStation Portable system. It would apparently feature the film's main character and protagonist, Rose DaSilva, in the lead role, replacing Harry Mason from the original 1999 PlayStation title Speculation was increased by a leaked list of release dates by Konami, which included a PSP game entitled "Silent Hill: Original Sin", presumed to be the rumored prequel, on October 18 2006 At E3 2006, however, it was instead announced that the prequel game Origins was in production Producer William Oretel has also confirmed that the idea of a remake had been considered, but rejected

    Team Silent have had no part in the making of the game, being at work on "their own project" (previously speculated to be Silent Hill V, but with the recent announcement of The Collective's involvement, this project is unknown), with production of the game itself has been outsourced to Climax Group During the later half of 2006 Climax's US based team working on Origins was sacked with rumors circulating that the game production was becoming a disaster under mismanagement and "unrealistic deadlines", and that the final version of the game was expected to be only "three to four hours of gameplay The project has since been moved to the UK, officially for the reasons of ensuring the final product would be "a Silent Hill experience".

    Akira Yamaoka is confirmed to have produced the game's soundtrack with 15 new compositions.

    Dead Head Fred is a 2007 comedy, fantasy, and horror themed PlayStation Portable video game, set to be released by D3 Publisher and produced by Vicious Cycle.

    It was recently announced actor John C. McGinley will provide the voice for the lead character.

    Fred Neuman, private eye and protagonist of the game, finds himself one day without his head after being resurrected after a strange scientific experiment. Left without his memory and searching for revenge, Fred begins tracking down suspects whilst dealing out brutal justice and attempts to solve the mystery of the town's seamy degradation.

    The game is set in a new genre, called twisted noir; a mishmash of horror, gangster movies, detective motives and film noir.

    The core gameplay revolves around Fred's missing head. By progressing through the game the player can collect an assortment of different heads which all have different abilities.

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is a PlayStation Portable video game and sequel to Monster Hunter Freedom, largely based on its PlayStation 2 predecessor Monster Hunter 2, which was never released outside of Japan.

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is not a port of Monster Hunter 2 but instead a portable update of the Monster Hunter series. New features have been added while others were removed to make the game appropriate for its portable platform. It is currently slated for release in the USA in August. Its Japanese counterpart is called Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.

    The monsters remain the same from Monster Hunter 2, with the exception of Yamatsukami, a flying octopus. In its place is the Tigarex, a quadrupedal dragon with wings on its forearms and Akamu a quadrupedal magma dragon.

    The weapons remain the same from Monster Hunter 2. In terms of the Monster Hunter Freedom series, it adds four new kinds of weapons: tachi, gunlance, hunting horn and the bow.

    Item System
    Although many items, weapons and armor are purchasable in the game, the heart of the gameplay in the Monster Hunter series is the integrated creation system for creating items from all of the things you can forage for and carved off of fallen monsters. Also, more advanced weapons and armor can be created via the merchants in town from these materials. Freedom 2 has 50% more content overall from its predecessor

    In Japan
    Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, as it is called in Japan, has sold more than one million copies in Japan, the only game in the PSP series of Monster Hunter titles to ever reach that number in that region. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd has also overtaken its predecessor as the best selling PSP game in Japan, attaining over 2.4 million sales to date

    Dragoneer's Aria is an upcoming video game for the PSP.

    In ages past, after the earth-rending battle between the Holy and the Black Dragon, where the Holy Dragon was killed, the dragons and Dragoons worked together to knit the land back together. To this day, the six separate aspects of the Holy Dragon-Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth, Wind, And Frost-maintain general peace and order across the world.

    The hero of the story, Valen, is about to graduate from the Dragoon Academy. He's visiting Granadis, capital of Iris, to attend his graduation and confirmation as an official Dragoon. Tradition dictates that all six dragons attend the ceremony.

    As the masses gather for the event, dark clouds fill the sky and a horrific dark dragon appears above Granadis. He spews ebony fire and destroys the royal palace. Sudden;ly, the Water Dragon appears to challenge the intruder. But with a crushing blow, the dark creature severely injures the Water Dragon and escapes into the sky.

    Valen approaches the destroyed palace and finds a girl, Euphe, lying the rubble. Suddenly, a surviving beast attacks and Valen must protect the girl from its fury. Euphe wakes to find her "charming prince" standing over her and quickly falls in love.

    Valen and the other Dragoons are charged with investigating the Black Dragon, and finding out why only the Water Dragon appeared at the ceremony. Valen is given the Fire Orb and told to present it to the Fire Dragon as a symbol of trust. As he prepares to leave, Euphe appears again, who has somehow obtained the Water Orb. They leave the city, ready to embark on a quest to uncover the truth and protect the dragons of the world.


    Main Cast
    Valen Kesslar: A member of an elite knight corps, which protects the endangered dragons around the world, Valen subsequently becomes the possessor of the Fire Orb. As a child, Valen attended dragoon school where he became good friends with Langley. Now with the dark dragon threatening the world, Valen must stand strong and defend humanity from the ultimate evil. Valen is generally calm, sincere, and contemplative, but often takes things too seriously. His determined nature tends to lead him headlong into danger. He is severely dedicated to his ideals. If he swears an oath, he follows it through no matter what the danger to himself.

    Euphe Kalm: Euphe is tough, yet kind hearted and her impulsive nature drags her into the war between good and evil. Upon the dark dragon’s attack on Granatis, Euphe was injured and rescued by Valen. Her encounter with Valen was love at first sight as she follows Valen throughout the story. She is a curious, lively, and positive person. She loves shiny and cute things. She also sees Valen as both "Shiny" and "Cute.

    Mary Murphy: She is the young captain of the infamous pirate ship Mary (named after her). She grew up under the loving care of her "peons", since her dad died when she was 11. Her ship sunk in heavy tides, devoured by the "demon current". So she is now seeking the legendary dragons in hopes that they could lift her ship back up and runs into Valen and Euphe on their quest to find the Water Dragon.. Sadly, the first dragon she meets gets killed by the Black dragon and she vows to get revenge.

    Ruslan L'avelith: A guardian of the earth dragon who joins Valen’s team to protect the holy spirits and Mother Nature from the Black dragon’s destructive fury. Ruslon is extremely proud of his elf heritage and initially looks down on humans and dragoon. Ruslan is a lone wolf who sees little need for relationships with others. Though he grew up as a mediator between humans and the spirit world, he eventually became sick of his duty after experiancing the folly of humans and returned to the solitary wilderness.However, his encounter with Valen and the rest slowly changes his spiteful personality.

    Langley Baldwin: An accomplished knight that is part of an elite dragoon corps. Langley is a powerful warrior who is also remarkably cunning. As a child Langley attended the same dragoon school as Valen and became very good friends. Langley’s will and power as a dragoon are tested through his encounters with the legendary dragons.

    Lucien Blane: A Dragoon consumed by madness.

    Nikita Hell: A Dragoon who detests her duties. In screenshots she is often shown with Lucien and has a burning dislike for dragons.

    Sonia Panova: The proud leader of the Dragoon forces.

    The Black Dragon, Nidhogg: The dragon who long ago fought and killed the Holy Dragon. When he attacked Granadis during Valen's graduation, this begins Valen's journey.


    After Burner: Black Falcon is a flight combat simulation video game, and is the latest game in the After Burner video game series. Unlike previous games in the series, it is exclusive to the PlayStation Portable and not a port of an arcade game.

    The game's plot sees a terrorist cell dubbed Black Falcon planejacking 13 prototype fighter jets dubbed "Assasin" from the CIA. There are three different plots to choose from, each with their own plot-twists. Players will be tasked with making the skies friendly again by screeching through the skies in an assortment of 19 originally designed planes, including the F-14D Tomcat, the F-22 Raptor and the F-15E Strike Eagle. Each of the planes can be customized with a variety of weapons, items and custom paint jobs.

    After Burner: Black Falcon will support "numerous multiplayer challenges" in both eight-player competitive and two-player cooperative modes.

    Billy "Sonic" Blaze A speed-junkie USAF pilot. He worked as a car and bike racer and video game tester before joining the air force for more speed in his life. His ex-girlfriend "Diamond" suprisingly joined up with Black Falcon which left Sonic devastated. He pilots a F-15E Strike Eagle.

    Harrison "Bull" Duke A marine pilot for the USMC. A very talented pilot with a sarcastic personality, Bull intends to quit the marines soon and work for the private sector. His sole reason for helping the hunt for Black Falcon is to gain money and fame which will help his mercenary career in the future. He pilots a F/A-18E Super Hornet.

    Tomiko "Shinsei" Rossellini A female US Navy pilot who is obsessed with perfection. Her mother was Japanese while his father was a talented pilot for the US Navy who was stationed in Kadena Naval Air Base in Okinawa. She grew up wathcing Navy planes which also motivated her to be a pilot as well. Her reason for accepting the mission is to prove everyone that she is the only candidate to be the squadron leader. Her nickname Shinsei means "Perfect". She pilots an F-14 Tomcat.

    Playable Planes
    F-4 Phantom
    F-5 Tiger II
    F-14 Tomcat
    F/A-18E Super Hornet
    F-22 Raptor
    F-35 Lightning II
    A-10 Thunderbolt II
    AV-8B Harrier
    B-2 Spirit
    SR-71 Blackbird

    Brooktown High is a dating sim video game for the PlayStation Portable. It was developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Konami. It is comparable in certain aspects and arguable inspired by Konami's Tokimeki Memorial series, but has no direct connection with the series.

    Being touted as "your chance to re-live your high school days," Brooktown High places the gamer in the shoes of either a male or female high school student. This character is customizable, to some extent - you can change your hair style and color, eye color, height and weight. You will also be asked several questions at the beginning of the game to categorize you into one of the social cliques.

    The player then gets to interact with the 20 other students at Brooktown, who have their own social circles and distinct personalities, in order to become part of the different cliques. There are four different cliques: Nerds, Jocks, Pretty Boys/Girls, and Artists.

    The main goal is to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, whom you can then take on dates to various locations such the movies, the beach, and the mall. Sometimes you will also be asked a favor, and if you agree to do this, the student whom you helped might give you someone's phone number.

    Various mini-games will be used to reach the goals mentioned above. Each game boosts some percentage of your clique points (for example, smarts points to get into the nerds clique and athletic points to get into the jocks clique).

    Early reviews of the game have generally been bad However, the July 2007 issue of PSM (PlayStation Magazine) gave Brooktown High a 8.0/10 rating.

    Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground is a role-playing game from XSEED Games for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Originally released in Japan on September 28, 2006 under the title Chronicle of Dungeon Maker, it was later brought to North American audiences on June 19, 2007.

    In an effort to protect a small town from attacks by monsters and demons, a novice "dungeon maker" has decided to create a dungeon in a nearby cave in order to lure the monsters away from the town itself. Conceptually, the hope is that such creatures will find the dungeon appealing and hence settle there, rather than roaming about. The dungeon architect can then venture into the dungeon and exterminate them.

    As the dungeon grows larger and deeper, more powerful foes are expected to take up residence. Ultimately, the dungeon maker (played by the player) intends to attract a legendary foe, the "Wandering Demon", whose defeat will hopefully lead to long-term peace for the region.

    The game is split up into days. At the start of each day, the player begins in town, where he or she can buy and sell items, obtain quests from the towns residents, and otherwise prepare. Following this, the player enters the dungeon. Once in the dungeon, the player battles any monsters which have moved in and can also expand the dungeon using available dungeon construction modules. After exiting or running out of health, the player can again perform town activities and then rest for the night, at which point in time the dungeon is re-populated.

    Much of the game revolves around completing main and side quests for the town residents. These quests involve either defeating a specific foe, or retrieving a certain object (either found in a chest or dropped by a defeated enemy). Quest foes will only be encountered in the dungeon once the player builds appropriate rooms, or otherwise enhances the layout of a given level to a certain point. Because the key dungeon building blocks are themselves often given as quest rewards (particularly staircases allowing the dungeon to be made deeper), players are forced to expand the dungeon levels in order to progress.

    The role-playing elements themselves are relatively light, with no character customization other than equipment, and no experience or leveling system. Instead, players improve their character's statistics by eating a daily meal using ingredients harvested from defeated foes. The exact increases earned depend on the recipe, with more powerful recipes leading to greater enhancements. Since players can only eat once per day, performance increases accumulate only gradually.

    Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground received praise for its unique premise and concept. Nonetheless, reviewers did note that the game became relatively repetitious after a period of time, with slow pacing in parts.

    GameSpot observed, "You'll spend large amounts of time swinging at bats while earning enough funds to delve into the deeper regions, and it can take many hours before you see an enemy you haven't already spent plenty of time bashing on. The IGN review, while commenting favorably on the level of dungeon customization which the game allows, lamented the randomness of attracting certain creatures and the lack of concrete feedback about what each dungeon component is actually doing. The reviewer noted, " can often be impossible to evaluate whether or not the floor plans that you've created are actually working in your favor

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    somebody is benn doing his homework! hahahahahahhaa

    That`s great PSP15!
    I`ll be checkin out this section...


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