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    Hello everyone! I've always been interested in hacking a psp since they came out, but it always seemed a bit too complicated for me, I didn't want to want up bricking mine. That was a awhile ago. But now, I figured that with the Vita on the way here, what better way to celebrate than to finally hack my psp? So I bought me a 1000 off of amazon, with 2.00 firmware, made a magic stick, bought a pandora battery just in case, and downgraded to 1.50. Now though, I'm not so sure I even needed the magic stick and pandora battery. lol. Things sure have changed in a few years. And don't worry, I've read the rules and everything, no talk about piracy from me, promise. I'm merely interested in homebrew. Some of the things I've seen are absolutely amazing!
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    Welcome to PSPMOD.
    Follow the rules and respect the members and your stay will be a good one.
    Make a thread in the PSP Software thread if you need help installing the newest firmware.
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