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    glad I found such a great site. this ones seems to have more knowledgable gamers than the other sites.
    I must say though, I am furious and annoyed like hell!
    i have a psp 3001 ;last week i updated to 6.60 and now 0 umd discs can be read or played. I'm not too good at the hacking thing or funky programs but if anyone can help me in very basic instructions so that i can get my psp back in bizz. e-me or post.

    in any case i love the site!

    peace, tp
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    Hey, welcome.

    Nintendo Emulators || LED Modifications
    Everything that this user says is fictional and for entertainment purposes only
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    hey welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll get assistance with your problem shortly
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    You shouldn't put your e-mail address like that. Better edit it out. Other than that, welcome, have fun.
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    obvious edit. no emails guy

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    Someone show email him to a website selling socks.
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    Welcome to PSPMOD
    here is cfw for 6.60
    6.60PRO-B9 - Downloads - Sony PSP MODS and Hacks Forums
    copy the PROUPDATE and FAST RECOVERY to GAME folder and run the update from XMB.
    if you shut down the psp then run the Fast Recovery to get back on cfw.
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