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    Hi guys,
    I'm new comer in PSP world...
    need an advice from the master...
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    Well, theres a lot to know about it. Especially if you want to know about homebrew, cfw, etc. Sorry to throw this stuff onto you like this but here's some info. To get you started.

    Ad-Hoc: a localized network used to play multiplayer psp games

    AVC: File extension format video can be played only on FW 2.0 and higher. The new games and films used for most format.

    Background: The background is the wallpaper applied to your PSP ™ but not only. It is also the screen that is in a homebrew. PSP™´s screen has 480x272 pixels

    Backup: That means backup. Referring to the duplication of data in order to have a copy of an original source, in the event of partial or total destruction of that (illegal by law darwin).

    Brick: Psp rendered dead. firmware corrupted

    Bricker: A program designed to brick a psp, or render it useless

    Boot Sound: The Bootsound it sound as these console at startup, you can change through some homebrew as X-Flash.

    Cintro: Movie played at the psp's boot instead of a image

    Corrupted data: file that is corrupted that psp with this firmware can´t read.

    CSO: Psp .iso file that has been compressed to take up less space on the memory stick

    Custom Firmware: Sony's Official Firmware with added independently coded files (Mostly made by Team M33), utilizing addition features, the ability to play the latest games, and access to homebrew applications/games

    Cold Boot: Opening image you see when you first boot the psp (such as the sony of america image on stock psps)

    CWCheat: PRX file that allows the user to change aspects of a game and modifiy its parameters

    CXMB.prx: Plugin for ctf themes that has to be enabled in recovery mode if you wan`t to have ctf themes

    Ctf theme/format: Type of custom theme in another format used by CXMB.

    Dead Pixel: defective pixel that remains unlit on the psp

    Downgrader: Program used to bring your PSP to a lower firmware

    Dump: Extracting information from a source, such as firmware or umd

    Eboot: a .pbp file that allows the psp to execute homebrew applications

    Emulator: program used to emulate other video game systems
    related: Roms

    Exploit: a vulnerability in the psp's firmware that allows homebrew and downgraders to be used

    Flash: Chips built into the psp that stores the firmware. Accessed via custom firmware mods.

    Flash 0: Internal memory of the PSP ™ which contains the system files (firmware) from the PSP ™.

    Flash 1: Internal memory of the PSP ™ that contains the user settings.

    Firmware: The psp's embedded operating software. Stored on a flash-rom module

    Gameboot: Video seen when lauching a game or application. It is in pmf format. It may be altered with software such as X-Flash, SE customize, etc ...

    Homebrew: Homemade games or applications coded by a independent programmer.

    Iso: digital version of a optical based video game.

    INI: initialization file, or INI file, is a configuration file that contains configuration data (i.e. idiom terms)

    IPL: Initial Program loader

    Kernel: Component used to control resources within the psp;Level of access privileges in the system software

    LUA: Language used to write scripts PSP ™ format. It allows the development of homebrew on PSP ™.

    NAND Chip: A Chip on your PSPs™ Motherboard that holds the IPL, the IDStorage, and the lflash.

    Some of these might not be important anymore, but for the most part this might be important for you to know.
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    welcome to PSPMOD
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    I am also new to the site but not to the psp can someone tell me more abuot this site?
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    welcome booth of you what do you need to know about the site its a pspmod site
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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