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    Hey everyone!

    New to the PSP scene... I just moved into a new house, and found a PSP 1001( i think lol)... it had 3.52 FW on it, but I decided to update it since it hasnt not been powered on since 2007 (again, i think)

    any help with getting started with FW downgrading or to make CFW would be awesome!

    also, i have the most current firmware on the PSP as of now!

    thanks in advance!

    PS. i wont be home from work until after 11 PM tonight so sorry if I do not answer promptly.

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    to update to latest CFW 6.60 ME-1.6 go to PSP GUIDE by Pirate on my sig do the Hellcats first on Section 5 and update to 5.00 m33 then when youre on 5.00 FW scroll up to section 4 (red fonts) to update to the latest firmware 6.60
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    welcome to pspmod
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