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    im new here..

    I've done some tinkering with my PSP's i have a 1001 that i slowly updated to 5.00M33-6, and kept it that way until very recently, i picked yo a 2001 and it had 6.20, so i dropped to 5.00M33->6.35OFW->6.60OFW-> 6.60ME1.6

    i liked the feel and how it was pretty much all inclusive (and the stability with newer games) so i upped the old 1001 to the same. i haven't messed with the old phatty since then though.

    i live in Japan, and i like cars.. thats about it LOLZ other things i've modded..
    click wheel iPod
    ipod touch
    iphone 4
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    Welcome to the site.

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    welcome to pspmod
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