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    Hows it goin guys ive been hacking my psp for a while now, i got 2 psp 1000's one that i got a lil after launch so ive seen alot. Havent really been at a fourm in a while but i like to come in sometimes and help or get help. I do monster hunter videos, porbally the coolest thing i do with my psp, but im gonna start getting off that MH crack soon and play other games and make vids. From nj and i like to puff that magic green herb. Heres a link to some vids i did i plan to do alot more tho and update with new monsters frequenty.

    MHP3 Aoashira LS Long Sword Guide/Edit - YouTube

    MHP3 Nargacuga Hammer Guide - WITH COMMENTARY! - YouTube

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Barroth Guide Hammer - YouTube
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    welcome to site.

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