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    Hi all, been reading your forum for a while now thought I had best subscribe and make myself known. Im a PC engineer who until recently vowed never to get a psp becaue of the price. Nintendo fanboy my brother is i was forced into buying a psp for Ã ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚£10 0 of ebay, brand new v.260, I stupidly updated to 2.8, but ah well not all is lost, recent news on the Hello world situation looks promising.

    I have searched your forum and read many old posts but excuse my noobishness by asking these very small questions.

    1 - Is kernal mode only avaliable to <2.71 because of extra security or is it something that cannot be unlocked for a long time, as I work in a PC repair shop and have a friend who fixes laptops and likes to solder = modchipped. Also is kernal mode for running iso's only? If it is i wont bother chipping I just want homebrew.

    2 - What can be done about the lack of memory in the PSP for web pages, its god auwful browser has no managment for files at all and a lot of pages just fail for memory.


    3- Has hello world cracked the 2.8 to run unsigned code yet or is it just an exploit to run the hello world exploit tiff file, I have run it and i know its a POC but has it opened the psp to unsigned code of any kind or just tiff files or the like?

    Thanks and if this in the wrong place then feel free to move it admin.
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    welcome to the forums...
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    Welcome to the forum!

    1. Kernel mode is accesible when a stack overflow occurs in a thread running in kernel mode. The photo menu runs in user mode, so exploitting the system from there leaves the psp running in user mode and no kernel calls can be made. Since the new exploit works from the photo menu, the psp is in user mode.

    2. Nothing can be done about the memory situation in the psp. It is what it is. I am not sure how the psp would respond to replacing the memory with higher capacity chips, but I am guessing it would be a lot of work and the psp's firmware may not even take advantage of more memory (size may be limitted by software as well as the hardware, not sure on that).

    3. While it is a POC, it does prove unsigned code runs through this exploit. There are probably initial limitations (such as only being able to access the memory addresses where the tiff file loads, so not having much memory to work with) but the developers working on this are very adaptive and I am sure we will see more applications and most likely an eLoader in the near future.

    Again, Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to forums and I guess your questions have been already answered.

    Drizzle's awesome work!
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    Yeah they have been answered very well thank you. This made it very clear, I see most people saying "How do I run iso's with hello world" and "how can idowngrade 2.80" but after reading carefully and precisely I avoided asking such nooby questions.

    I until recently was in the dark about PSP homebrew and now I am regretting the 2.8 update, as most people probably are but I hope that these very skilled coiders and devs are gonna have this bad biy hacked soon.

    I would offer assistance, as would most people, but I have little to no knowledge of coding, hex reading or how to begin reverse engineering. I build PC's ( nice gaming pcs x1900 XT dual core beasties )

    All I am after is being able to play snes games on there, I had a huge collection of games for my snes and my ps1.

    Shame that sony are gonna make you pay twice for ps1 games though. I do hope i will be able to download ps1 games for free and load them with iso's as I have all my old ps1 collection and would rather not be forced to pay twice for the same game.
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    Welcome to the Forums!! Shadow walker, i ithink weve all walked with shadows, unless you live in a hole..

    anyway, nice sig..different.
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    Welcome to the forums

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    welcome. enjoy the site
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