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    Name is Rick. (policetac)
    PSP 1001
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    warm welcome here
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    Thank you.
    Just checking out the sites. I just got my PSP-1001 second hand from a local kid. I had to go back and get twenty returned in order to replace the cracked screen. But the repair went great.
    Checked it out, it's sticker says: PP869109937-PSP 1001
    Under the UMD cover is: IC1003
    S.S.V. is: 6.60
    I got it because of the uses it has as an interface. (Ie. Homebrew, Kinect)
    I'm interested in discovering the applied uses of the Sony PSP as an "semi-embraced," (Sony has not challenged certain Homebrew applications) open-source, (not by their choice) wireless, internet capable, hardware adaptable, personally programmable device that also manages most common forms of media, and does so in an easy to use, "interface" type platform.
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    Welcome to the site, please take a look at the forum rules and respect your fellow members.

    This is the best place to see what the psp has to offer, You can learn almost anything from the members that are here.
    In an Ideal world I would have all ten fingers on my left hand and my right hand would just be used for punching.

    I'll be the number two guy here on PSP MOD in six weeks, How? Name repition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake. I'm always thinking one step ahead like a...carpenter that makes stairs.
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