Thread: Hi, Uber Useful Forum. I'm DinoBirdEggs and my PSP is, 1000x CFW 3.40 0e-a

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  1. #1 Hi, Uber Useful Forum. I'm DinoBirdEggs and my PSP is, 1000x CFW 3.40 0e-a 
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    Good job on the forum. Elite.Finally got my hands on a PSP

    "80 DOLLARS!!!! Thats WAY TO MUCH for an ancient PSP. It's not even a slim! Dude, this thing has never even been updated. Bro if this thing had Pandora's box opened on it, it'd be an improvement." DinoBirdEggs

    "Ya I know it sucks. How about forty?" Mr.CalledDinoBirdEggsAnIdiotBehindHisBackForPaying SoMuchOnAPieceOFCrap.

    "Ok here's forty bucks. Didn't you have an extra battery pack?" D.B.E

    (MR.CDBEAIBHBFPSMOAPOC hands D.B.E extra battery back)

    "There you go, See you later." MR.CDBEAIBHBFPSMOAPOC

    "Thanks, Bye." D.B.E.

    (D.B.E. Then Skipped joyously home, all the while daydreaming about Red Capped Plumbers smashing blocks with thier heads.)

    ------------ Just wanted to make sure I had an original Introduction---------------------------- INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS
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    Welcome to the site, nice intro.
    In an Ideal world I would have all ten fingers on my left hand and my right hand would just be used for punching.

    I'll be the number two guy here on PSP MOD in six weeks, How? Name repition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake. I'm always thinking one step ahead like a...carpenter that makes stairs.
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    welcome to this site yomie
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