Thread: Joined in July 2005, been a while! (It's Bennihan5)

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  1. #1 Joined in July 2005, been a while! (It's Bennihan5) 
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    Hey guys,

    This site has really grown in these last 7 years, wow! I was one of the earliest members here (almost became a moderator) when I first joined. I did have a bad reputation when I first joined (made thousands of accounts) and I got banned several times because I was a VERY young 14 year old idiot.

    Anyway, I have matured and just wanted to drop by and say my greetings. I don't think anyone will remember who I am, but I might come back to say that I want to contribute a quality service to this forum.

    (By the way, ignore the avatar and signature, it's an awful picture of 50 cent. I added that in 2005, I was an idiot back then).
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    I've seen your posts, they are a classic example of kids on the internet, but hey that's life.

    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
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    welcome back to pspmod.
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    50 cent???............NO WAY!!!!!!
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    Hmmm welcome back

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