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  1. #1 Hello all xD 
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    Just register today.. So hi everyone..

    A bit about me.. My username keikoku90 but you all can call me kei.. I hope to get many new friends here.

    I got my psp for almost a year or more and the fact that I cannot modding my psp frustrated me. So my psp had been keep this entire time and I decided to revive him. =.=; My poor p-chan..

    So that is why I join this site to get many psp buddy that I can discuss about my p-chan!!!

    So hi again!! xD

    p/s: Quick question.. How to upgrade my psp(5.0 M33). I don't even know how to get started about this =.=;
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    Hello kei
    Are you into serious hacking or moding?
    Or do you just want to play a few ISO games?

    First you need to update it to the latest 6.60
    If you have internet on your PSP go to settings > system update > via internet
    Download the update onto your computer and then put it on the psp via cable
    Go here:
    PSP® PC Update | System Updates | Support -
    However, if you want to experiment and stuff, do
    he same as it says in the link above but you this file:

    Tell we when your past that
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    Sorry for the late reply.. Many thing going on this week... Meh.. =.=;

    Oh ya I already download it but I cannot update it because it require the psp having battery charged more than 70%.. And the thing is my niece drop it and it cannot charge the battery (I operate it using power supply right now). Guess I need to sent it to repair shop first before I get to update it. Hope that it does not cost a fortune to repair it =.=;

    So I'll be back when I finally repair it >.< Hope it will be soon!!!

    Oh ya answers for your question, I really want to learn hack and modding and I want to know what I can do with my psp.

    So hope I'll be back soon!!! xD
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