Hi everyone! My name is John. I have recently started going through a vintage game kick to where I am buying all my old gaming gear back. I know I am not the only one who has done this, so that leaves the question as to why do we even sell the stuff to begin with?! lol

I have particularly been on a PS1, PS2, and PSP kick. Which has brought me here. I was given a PSP 1000 for Christmas in 2005 and end up selling it due to the lackl of games/time to play it. I then picked up a PSP 2000 blue that was bundled with Madden '09 and ended up selling that one too. And now, here I am... looking at my brand new, not even opened box of PSP 3000 - Piano black.

I had read a lot about CFW before, but never got into it. Today, I attempt to install CFW Pro and take my PS1 discs and prepair them for psp eboots. I have spent all week watching videos and reading forums about getting everything I need to achieve this. So once I get started, I am hoping if there are any bumps along the way, the forums here can help. Looking forward to this, and I hope that even though the PS Vitas are out, that the PSP topics will still continue.

Thanks for reading, and offering such a great community!