Hello people,

I have a fairly new Memory Stick Pro Duo manufactured by Sony. It is a 4GB memory stick and is original in all aspects (holograms and everything). And I own a PSP 1004 phat which works just fine with my old memory card.

I have been facing many problems related to the 4GB memory card though. Here is the description:

It gets detected on the PSP and says "3853 MB free". I can save games and all that, but only as long as I am using the card from the PSP itself.

The problem starts once I connect the PSP to my laptop. The laptop detects the card but would not open it and an error message pops up that says that my drive needs formatting.

So I format the drive using my laptop (yes, i have lost several saved games) but the total size it says now is only 1.61GB after the formatting in FAT32. Now here is the tricky part, my PSP cannot access the memory card anymore although it is working just fine on the computer.

Also, the memory stick still shows "3583MB free" on the PSP even after not being detected while trying to save game profiles.

So, I format it again using the PSP and everything works fine on the PSP, except that now, my computer will not detect it again and wants me to format it all over again.

It feels like the card can work only at one place at a time, either the PSP or the computer, but not both. Can anyone help me fix this problem? I have been at it for days now, checking forums on google but have found nothing worthwile.

I feel as though my PSP and my laptop have waged a war against each other. :/

Please help me put with this problem as now i am stuck with the OFW 2.00 and need to upgrade to some CFW. But my memory card needs to work for that.

Thank you, in advance.