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    Hi guys,

    I bought my first PSP a couple of days ago in a toy shop in a big shopping mall. To my big surprise, the PSP was already on 6.60PRO-B9. I also bought a 8GB memory stick in this shop with 24 .ISO games pre-installed. I am not a noob in downloading stuff and therefore the 8GB memory stick is already full. I would like to know what I must do if I buy a 32GB memory stick. Do I have to install 6.60PRO-b9 on this new memory stick?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    6.60 pro b-9 is actually installed INTO the PSP. however depending if the cfw is temporary of permanent: if its temporary and you need to load a file every time you turn it on, then you will need to copy that file which is located in /PSP/game/fastrecovery

    now if it's permanent you can forget about it.

    b-9 is fairly buggy so I recommended upgrading to b-10 (which has a couple more features, runs faster, and a lot of bug fixes).
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