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    Lol. I am having a problem that has been pretty consistent across the board for most people. I am trying to play a single disk (all 3 disk compiled into one) version of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue and I am stuck after the Blue Spire area. I am running Pro B9 using the M33 driver and have popsloader enabled BUT when I hold down the R button and pull up the list of pops to use when I start the game, I can't get any of them to load properly. I have looked at a compatibility list and tried using the recommended pops (3.71 and 3.90) and after I select the pops the menu will go away and after about 6-7 seconds it turns my PSP off.

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
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    I could really use some help guys? Can a mod please move/copy this over to the correct area? Or am I expected to start a new thread?
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