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    Hmmm...somehow, i feel as though I should have something smart to say.

    ...nope, I've got nothing!

    Anydangway, I am looking forward to getting some much needed help for some of the intense (and, admittedly, ludicrous) projects I have decided to undertake; not the least of which being my very first psp mod! Sound the trumpets; bring low the walls of Jericho! Pass the spicy mustard, and so on!

    Yeah, so I'm a bit late to the game. I'll be honest, I never saw myself buying a psp, as I more fit the "retro gamer" category than anything else. Nevertheless, it's 2014, the PSVita has succeeded the PSP for two years, and I listen mostly to bands that started in the '80's. What can I say? I strive to be a walking anachronism.

    But, the bug has finally hit me, and I am eager to dive right in and learn as much as I can. Hopefully, I might impart some knowledge, as well. Who knows? Anything's possible (though, just for the record, if "they" ask you where you learned such behaviors, I don't know you).

    Thanks for bringing me into the fold!
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    Hey there man, welcome to the forums! Don't forget to read the rules!
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