what's up pspmod.com?!

it's ironic that I find myself back here after sooo many years. and just like the first time I found this site, I come again with PSP questions.

A little history...

I first signed up for this site way back when the first PSP was launched. I don't remember my username, but I'm sure it included "lito" somewhere.

Anyway, I found the information here useful & was able to take that info & apply it to all my needs. I was able to mod my psp w/ ease & in no time was playing roms on emulators saved onto a memory card... Up until my then girlfriend lost my PSP.

well I'm back again with questions. Just like then, if anyone will be willing enough to point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

It seems like not much has changed, but it also seems more complex than I remember. I'm no stranger to "hacking" devices, but I do like to make sure I'm doing the right steps.

So this is what I have:

Model: PSP 1001
Firmware: 2.82
Memory Stick: n/a (not sure what size to buy yet)

My goal is to now give my son this psp w/ emulators & games so he can enjoy it as I once did.

Just point me in the right direction.

& before I get trolled on, I did searches on google & here... But this was so much helpful the first time around, figured it may work again.

Thanks in advance!!