Thread: I'm Cheiks. My psp wont update tho?

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  1. #1 I'm Cheiks. My psp wont update tho? 
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    Hey I'm cheiks.
    I'm a DJ.

    Just found my old PSP from like 10 years ago. its a 1000, and my brother hacked it to get us games. It was a 3.52 m33 when I turned it on, but none of the games worked, and the display was a little messed up.
    So after a little research, I found out that Dark Alex was preventing me from updating.
    I found a few forums saying that I should downgrade to 1.50 ofw to remove the DADADA error.
    I did, and now I'm seeing that I can't upgrade to the latest OFW because the firmware is too old, or I have to make a new MAC ID and the ofw is too old to connect to 2017's super encrypted internet routers.

    I've read that I should just get a Pandora battery, and MMS.

    Are there any other options? I'd really rather not go through all that work.

    Nice to meet you guys!
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    Hay cheiks,

    Hmmm sounds like a bug, there are few things you can try/

    First try to see if you can upgrade to 2.1OFW then to 3OFW from there you should be about able to upgrade to any other firmware OFW or CFW

    If this doesn't work look up hellcat, there should be a recovery or flash to help you go back to 3.5x m33

    If this doesn't work then you will need to either buy a pandora battery and MMS or you can create one of each. Be warn to create a pandora battery you will have to take apart the original battery. It is also ideal to buy another battery after you do make a pandora battery.

    Good luck

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