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    I purchased a bulk order of Lithium cells and battery circuits to go in my small collection of psps. These are quality 1200mah Turnigy cells pre installed in a PSP battery case with circuits. Drop it in and go. I have 10 left over that fit in the PSP 1001 and I’m asking $15 each. Shipping is $7 no matter if you want 1 or all 10. You can order the cell yourself for about $12 after shipping and taxes on hobbyking. The circuits run about $6.

    I have one left over for the psp 3001, but I am not sure I want to sell it. The others will fit in a PSP-3000 with an extended battery cover, though that seems kinda silly to do. I won’t be making more, this project was rather dangerous.

    USA only. I doubt it would be worth it for you to pay shipping to other places. VidMate AnyDesk
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