Thread: Used PSP Go - no speaker/headphone volume. Possibly "stuck" in headphones mode

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    Hi folks,

    Well I finally picked up my white whale - a white PSP Go. It runs great, but unfortunately there is no sound coming out of the speaker or headphone jack. I can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for sound, but for obvious reasons this isn't really practical.

    The previous owner claims this was not an issue, so I'm really at a loss here.

    I tried using a Q-tip to clean out the headphone jack, as it seemed to get "stuck" in headphone mode. I enabled AVLS (I believe it's called) so that the volume won't go higher than 75% maximum when headphones are plugged in, and get this - when I unplug headphones, it still has that AVLS volume limit. I concluded this was because something is shorting out and telling the system that headphones are plugged in.

    Very strange.

    Has anyone had this happen with them before? Any idea if this is something that can be fixed with a simple repair or is soldering and the like what is needed here?
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