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    I was grounded for 1 year. I played my PSP quite a bit about 4 months ago, though.

    I finally got it back today. I tried to turn it on, and didn't work. I left it charging for about half an hour, then tried to turn it back on again. It didn't work. So I plugged the charger in and turned it on while connected.

    I took it off the charger once it was on. It lasted for about 1 minute before the light started flashing.

    Meanwhile, I input the date, only to realize the X button didn't respond. I pressed X to enter the date, and nothing. This happened a few times when I left my PSP in sleep mode and it would simply reject my commands for about half a minute.

    I'm so worried, you guys. I can't buy a new battery, and I really want to play on this thing again... Can someone help?

    Edit: The X button is "broken", the rubber is ruptured under it. But that never interrupted my gameplay. I always managed to keep going, even with it broken.
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