I know there are similar post for this topic but I wanted to make my own to ask more. I am worried about bricking my psp.

As the title states, I have a Fat 1000 psp on CFW 5.00 M33. The reason for the upgrade is that some eboots need 6.00 to run. If not for this, I would stay on the current CFW.

I want to upgrade but most post I read are vague or not concise on what version you might have or the step by step process. Ill read horror stories in the comments of psp getting bricked.

Some say to just upgrade using the PlayStation network and then get the cfw and install. But I’ve read that some have bricked.

-Can someone guide me on the ins and outs of upgrading an already CFW psp?

-Is 6.60 or 6.61 Pro the best CFW for my version? Is it permanent? Does the firmware help with any performance?

-is there a disc cleanup homebrew application?

Thank you PSP community