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    I have been reading the posts November but purchased my PSP in December.After reading all the possibilities
    it had.

    I am a Canadian from the province of Quebec.With what i have read so far i must be the oldest member being 57.But i have been with computer since 20 years at least.Started with DOS now running with Windows xp 64 so on that
    side i am up to date.

    I usually try to read to find the solution of my problem but this time it does not work out.

    When i purchased my PSP it had firmware 2.0 that i downgraded to 1.5 without any problems.Put in a few homebrews
    and a few films without any problems.Put in some mp3 and audio book still no problems.I would not go above 2.0
    because i know i can not come back.Sling TV PureVPN TunnelBear

    The problem is that i am camping i florida for 2 months and tha i would like to be able to go on the net with my PSP.
    I read the stickys and did everything they say.
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